Project Description

Jesselton Artisan Market

This branding project was commissioned by Jesselton Artisan Market, a platform to showcase local artisans and makers. The logotype was then applied to the market’s extensive marketing materials, both digital and printed.

This series of illustration posters were a break from the norm of JAM’s logo-centric layout. Instead, these were hand-drawn illustrations depicting creatures related to the market’s theme of the month. For example, the Lunar Lovebirds for Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day, the Godzilla Bunny for Easter, the Teguh Tiger for Merdeka (our first market after the MCO lockdown), the Nasi Lemak Tapir for Malaysia Day and the Splashy Goldfish for Inktober.


Branding, Illustration, Typography


Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop


Jesselton Artisan Market